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High Pitched Squeal/Whistle During Acceleration

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Hi Everyone,

I've been reviewing this board for some time now see if someone else has this problem. I bought my 2009 LTZ 4cycl in mid March. Almost imediately I noticed a high pitched squealling noise appearing around 2500-3000rpms everytime I accelerated from a stop. I heard it in gears 1-3 and possibly 4.

So I brought the car back to the dealer at only 380 miles. They told me that they were having trouble hearing it and that something might be breaking in. So I left, knowing that I was still under warranty and drove the car to 1300 miles until I brought it back to the dealer. Now the noise was louder anf I had gotten pretty good at reapeating it at this point. They took the car and tried to figure it out. The service center replaced the flex joint on the exhaust but the noise was still there. They did numerous tests and tried to repeat the noise on a lift but unfortunately it only happens when the engine is loaded (wheel torque).

They kept my car for a week. On the 7th day they had a GM factory rep take the car for a spin. He said that the noise was "not a problem b/c it didn't sound mechanical. Probably in the exhaust somewhere". This upset me greatly b/c there is not a single person who hasn't noticed this sound when riding in my car. The sound it some sort of vibrating part which seems to resonate at the mentioned rpms. It is SO ANNOYING! It sounds very similar to the noise breaks make when they wear down.

The rep said that he wanted me to drive the car until the first oil change and then have a GM field engineer check it out in 3 weeks. So, I still have the car... and I love it minus this noise! Imagine hearing nails on a chalk board everytime you accelerated from a stop.

Does anyone have suggestions? Is this a lemon? I really appreciate any feedback.
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BBB is meaningless in this case.

Do you have a mechanics stethoscope? If you dont, cut up approx a 2ft piece of garden hose. Now, rev your engine in park up to 2500-3000 RPMs and try to hear where its coming from. I know you said you cant hear it when parked but you just might.

If its seriously a high pitched squeal, it could be the alternator or the VVT operating. Ours makes a VERY noticeable noise difference when we get up over 2800 RPMs at full throttle so it could very well be just normal.

Can you get a video of it?
That kind of sounds like the motor mounts might be moving a TINY bit and causing the squeal.

I wish I could be there as Im pretty good at figuring out what sound is what.

Also if you can recreate it take it back to the dealer ASAP. If your dealer wont work with you take it to another one. There are plenty of them around.
Nobody ever posts when they are really happy with a car but when they have bad things happen.

Me, Ive had nothing but good things from the Malibu aside from adjusting a parking brake cable there has been nothing go wrong in the almost 20k miles Ive had it.

I agree that the customer service can be better but the only way that can happen is in the dealer network themselves. Better training and better dealerships is what will turn GM around for the good. That is what has ruined many people but Ive been lucky to find 2 good dealerships that have been nothing but helpful and grateful that I choose them to purchase and service my Malibu.
All right then.

Again, its all in the dealer. There are plenty of bad ones (the majority of the ones that were axed had numerous complaints) and there are plenty of good ones. A good dealer will take care of the customer no matter what.

Every single car has bad faults. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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