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High Pitched Squeal/Whistle During Acceleration

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Hi Everyone,

I've been reviewing this board for some time now see if someone else has this problem. I bought my 2009 LTZ 4cycl in mid March. Almost imediately I noticed a high pitched squealling noise appearing around 2500-3000rpms everytime I accelerated from a stop. I heard it in gears 1-3 and possibly 4.

So I brought the car back to the dealer at only 380 miles. They told me that they were having trouble hearing it and that something might be breaking in. So I left, knowing that I was still under warranty and drove the car to 1300 miles until I brought it back to the dealer. Now the noise was louder anf I had gotten pretty good at reapeating it at this point. They took the car and tried to figure it out. The service center replaced the flex joint on the exhaust but the noise was still there. They did numerous tests and tried to repeat the noise on a lift but unfortunately it only happens when the engine is loaded (wheel torque).

They kept my car for a week. On the 7th day they had a GM factory rep take the car for a spin. He said that the noise was "not a problem b/c it didn't sound mechanical. Probably in the exhaust somewhere". This upset me greatly b/c there is not a single person who hasn't noticed this sound when riding in my car. The sound it some sort of vibrating part which seems to resonate at the mentioned rpms. It is SO ANNOYING! It sounds very similar to the noise breaks make when they wear down.

The rep said that he wanted me to drive the car until the first oil change and then have a GM field engineer check it out in 3 weeks. So, I still have the car... and I love it minus this noise! Imagine hearing nails on a chalk board everytime you accelerated from a stop.

Does anyone have suggestions? Is this a lemon? I really appreciate any feedback.
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I have filled a complaint to the Better Business Bureau about this issue.
Ok... I sent a complaint b/c a friend told me it might help... I'll send them a sperm sample if it means that they'll get rid of this noise! :)

The dealership did test drive 3 brand new Malibu's on their lot when they had my car the first time and they didn't find any other's with this problem. They told me that they hooked up some sort of acoustic listening ears on the car to try and pin point the source but they said it's so high pitched that the test was inconclusive. My problem is that Chevy has instructed the dealership NOT to work on this unless something breaks, so until I here a snap of figure out the problem myself I'm stuck with this.

Since then, the problem has worsened. I can re-create the noise by standing on my brake and reving the engine. I only did this once for obvious reasons. I had a new development today though... I thought of getting rid of this car and replacing it with a small SUV... and b/c of this issue I went down to a Toyota dealership to look at the Rav4 and Highlander. When the discussion of my trade in started, a sales guy at Toyota asked to take the car for a spin. He went around the block and came back... guess what his first question was when he returned... "What is that noise I'm hearing on acceleration?". So my car has prematurely lost value thanks to this.

I'll try to take a video of it. Thanks for the suggestions.
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I know the dealer checked and retightened the motor mounts. Maybe I can do a better job of describing it...

It sounds like a loud cricket, which leads me to believe that it is 2 metal parts rubbing together very rapidly. The noise will begin around 2-2.5k rpms and get louder from there until 3k rpm and it peaks right before the transmission shifts gears. It then goes away until I accelerate back through the next gear to 2-2.5k rpms. The weird part is that if I step hard on the gas and the rpms quickly shoot up to like 4k rpm range, I don't hear the noise at all. I will hear it when the engine drops back through the 2-3k rpm range after accelerating through that gear.

Thanks again for any suggestions. I have a friend who might be able to get the car on a lift... my goal is to figure it out so there's no excuses for the dealer not to fix it.
Well... after some court dates and some very aggressive actions by my lawyer and a visit to Detriot I have gotten rid of my Malibu. I was not at all un happy to see it go. I've had every single problem that people have had on this board and I can confidently say that this car (and everything else GM is making) is crap. I high suggest that the rest of you do the same, pressure GM into financial ruin, and force them into a position where the only thing left for them to do is repay the taxpayers and dissappear into the history books along side the civil war. Am I being obvious enough about my hatred of this company? After spending $25k on a brand new car, being 22yr old just coming out of college, I feel like there should be at least come customer service... but no. GM hates their customers and they hate you. Good bye!
The court dates were for lemon law. I understand that we didn't need to go court and these things are usually settled on but having a lawyer in the family means that I get special attention. I had numerous problems with the car besides the thing squealling like a stabbed pig (windows rattling, interior coming apart, very hard and jerky shifts, traction control not working) all of which were passed off by GM once I made a few visits to the 2 dealers in my area. They told the two dealerships not to work on my car until a "real" problem occured. GM gives their factory reps way too much power.

I didn't have to go to detroit... I was out there visiting family and I decided to see who I could get in contact with while I was out there. So, I stopped by two days in a row and explained my issues to a few people demanding to speak to someone who could help me but of course no one cares. Thats the loop GM customer service has... ChevyCustServ -->GM Factory Rep -->GMCustServ -->ChevyCustServ. There's no checks and balences. I tried to find a manager or an executive who actually cares about customers but there are none to be found.

Honestly I envy those of you who have had great GM experiences but they showed me a horrible product and especially horrible customer support to back it up. I work for a major manufacturing company as an engineer... IT'S NOT HARD TO MAKE GOOD PRODUCTS WITH GOOD QUALITY!! The only thing you need to do is make the investment to do it and I know that GM is not doing this. If they were really so good they would've gotten rid of some brands, tightened up quality, lessened their platforms, and taken some pay cuts in order to save the company. Instead they got our POS president Obama to bail them out and they still can't get it right. Ford is the only US company that realized this years ago and has therefore taken their financial hits to invest in better products and they are on the rise now because of it.

After this experience I won't be coming back to GM and many people I work and associate with have said the same. And I think that this quarters earnings sheets spell the same story. GM might be able to sqeak by but from where I'm sitting this company needs a complete turn over of it's staff.
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