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Horn Beeping after car starts?

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Hey everyone...Hope all you Dad's had a great Fathers Day!! Still working on my RPM issue, but now something else has appeared. :)

The past two mornings when I start my car, the horn will beep once. Very strange, it doesn't beep anymore after that, it only seems to do it as soon as I start the car.

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My car horn just goes if one short beep right after starting car. It'll also do this after driving sometimes once I put it in park before I turn it off. Any help would be appreciated. I don't have any door buttons sticking. Also there's only a keyless entry system not an alarm on it.
Let's start with what you have, first, please. Read this post and then return with more info.

It may also be of note that the last post in this thread was just over 9 years earlier than yours, so it's not likely any of these folks will be responding.
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