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How did I do?

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I recently purchased a 2013 Chevy Malibu ECO 2SA on 8-28-13.... I've been shopping around and honestly I was waiting to see if GM would top out my earnings from my GM card as they did last year, but they never did.... anyway.. I waited until I couldn't run my piece of shit 95 mercury sable with 130K miles in to the ground anymore....... SO I made my move, I located the Malibu I wanted with the package I wanted in the color I wanted, unfortunately, it was an hour away from Phila. where I live, in Delaware.... So via Email I made my solicitation for a price and quoted other dealerships as well... Ultimately... I bought a 2013 Chevy Malibu Eco 2SA Summit White which had MSRP of $27605.00... Here is the breakdown of the price I paid:
Invoice price: $25398
Porter Chevy discount: $1500 = 23898
ECO discount $1000 = 22898
Chevy cash back $2500 = 20398
Labor Day week discount $500 = 19898
GM Card Earnings $1920 = 17979
Plus they gave me $300 for my trade in... The GREEN MONSTER 1995 mercury sable with 130K miles on it... = $17679 plus tax and tags!!!!!
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That's a good deal.

I got my Malibu 1 LT for:

$23,945 Sticker
-$2,500 Rebate
-$2450 Dealer Discount
-$9000 Trade-In (11 Malibu LS)
$10,025 TOTAL PAID
I got for $18995 w/o the trade in.
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