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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post . I'm not a mechanic at all. But I'm paying someone I know who's pretty good with working on cars and he will be doing the work . I just would like to make sure I understand the correct way he should be doing a transmission change and flush on my 2011chevy Malibu LS.
Fyi I just had this used trans. Put in bout 11 months ago and the chang trans. Fluid Light came on bout three weeks ago . So I have been afraid to really drive it around till I can afford to have it done. Question #1 : Is , knowing that I just had the transmission replaced with a used one 11/ months ago do I even need a flush or just drained and refilled with new fluid ? And of course from there on continue to do it regularly at the 50k or 100k mile mark that I've seen recommended .

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To start with, GM advises against any kind of flush, whether by an external machine or by disconnecting the cooler hoses.

So, based on that info, you can drain the fluid, which will get about half of it, drive a few hundred or a thousand miles, then drain it again. This time you'll get a mixture that removes about 25% of the old fluid. If you do it again, you'll get about 12½% old fluid.

Since you have the LS, we can probably assume that you have the 2.4L 4-cylinder engine. You'll find a bolt under the trans that looks similar to this one on my V6 version. You can drain it using that.

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