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How do I setup voice controls?

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...set up the mic/voice recognition? Do I need OnStar for that? I have a 2019 LT, just got it at the end of last year & never thought about setting it up until now. My iPhone connects with ease but when it comes to using Siri or even completing a phone call, it will not pick up my voice. If there are steps I'm missing to set this up I'd really appreciate it!

Edit: I'm able to get Siri to work, though when I place a call the person on the other end cannot hear me, nor does the car's voice system work at all for me.
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Here is the link to Chevy's instructions for using voice commands - Carplay voice control is probably different.

My settings don't have a "Voice" section, so something's weird about that. I can definitely ask Siri to do things, but when I make a call I can hear the other person but they can't hear me. So odd. Also just using the car's AI (voice recognition without Siri) doesn't seem to work at all.

Still learning voice commands myself. I've had no issues other than learning whats possible or whats helpfull. One key function of the voice button is a short press will open dialog with the car and a long press with Siri.
Oh cool! Thanks for this tip, I'll have to try it out soon! I've been able to give Siri commands but not the car itself. :c
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