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How to disable Active noise cancellation in 2019 Malibu?

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There apparentley is a change on how to disable the "active noise cancellation" in 2019 vs 2016-2018. On you tube for the 2016 - 18 Malibu's, it shows a very easy fix to disable active noise cancellation. You simply lift up the trunk mat on the passenger side, locate the audio power amp mounted on the back of the wheel well & just cut the top purple wire. We just brought home our 2019 & guess what ?? Chevy changed it & there is no longer a power amp located in that spot ............ What now ????? ................ Does anyone out there know ?? ....... I desperately want to upgrade the factory speakers, but don't want that low end rumble. Do the 2019's even have "active noise cancellation" ?
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I've been wondering if anyone has ever opened up the stock amp from the 2016-2019 Malibu to get a look inside. A photo of the output amp IC chips would show the numbers printed on them. Then you can look up the chip numbers to see what the power output spec is for that model. Most moderate-price audio equipment uses integrated IC output amplifier chips, one for each channel. These are self-contained audio amplifiers that just need low-level input and a power supply. I have looked them up successfully for a number of budget-level stereo's and car stereos. I would guess the stock amp can put out about 10 to 12 watts from 20 to 20,000 Hz into 4 ohms, but that just an educated guess. I'm curious.
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