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How to disable Active noise cancellation in 2019 Malibu?

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There apparentley is a change on how to disable the "active noise cancellation" in 2019 vs 2016-2018. On you tube for the 2016 - 18 Malibu's, it shows a very easy fix to disable active noise cancellation. You simply lift up the trunk mat on the passenger side, locate the audio power amp mounted on the back of the wheel well & just cut the top purple wire. We just brought home our 2019 & guess what ?? Chevy changed it & there is no longer a power amp located in that spot ............ What now ????? ................ Does anyone out there know ?? ....... I desperately want to upgrade the factory speakers, but don't want that low end rumble. Do the 2019's even have "active noise cancellation" ?
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I also have the new 2019 LT. I ran into the same problem.
The new 2019 relocated the amp to the front. I had the same problem in mine. The amp is located under the glove box behind the kick panel. I have been doing the install by luck for the most part. I deseabled the noise cancellation by snipping a wire. Like I said I’m going in blind on this. But so far system is bumping no road noise, but I am struggling with the audio, if I blast the music the amp turns off. (Not in protected mode) could be that I just need a bigger amp? I’m not sure. I’m running a Phoenix gold 600w with one 10” JL audio sub (for now until I get this sorted out)
I found the amp under the glovebox. Which wire did you cut? What harness? Do you have some photos you could post? I am also trying to get this figured out (without voiding my warranty). Have found a T-harness to break-out the speaker wires
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