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How to disable Active noise cancellation in 2019 Malibu?

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There apparentley is a change on how to disable the "active noise cancellation" in 2019 vs 2016-2018. On you tube for the 2016 - 18 Malibu's, it shows a very easy fix to disable active noise cancellation. You simply lift up the trunk mat on the passenger side, locate the audio power amp mounted on the back of the wheel well & just cut the top purple wire. We just brought home our 2019 & guess what ?? Chevy changed it & there is no longer a power amp located in that spot ............ What now ????? ................ Does anyone out there know ?? ....... I desperately want to upgrade the factory speakers, but don't want that low end rumble. Do the 2019's even have "active noise cancellation" ?
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Hey everyone. Just wondering if there's been any updates on this?
I currently have a LOC connected to the rear door speakers output from the amp under the glove box. This is connected to a mono amp powering a single 10 inch subwoofer. System bumps when stationery, but I get the classic noise cancelling rumble when driving down the road.

Did anyone find the specific wire to snip (for the 2019 Malibu without Bose), or did anyone try the LLJ harness as suggested by @mhodge00 ?

So the way I disabled it was by snipping the wire going to the microphone above the passenger seat.
You have to unbolt the roof handle and that allows you to lower the headliner enough to see the microphone.
If you peel the wire back, you'll see a red and black wire. You can snip either, and it's easy to reconnect them if needed.
I didn't hear any difference in road noise/engine noise, and the sub sounds much better.
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