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How to disable Active noise cancellation in 2019 Malibu?

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There apparentley is a change on how to disable the "active noise cancellation" in 2019 vs 2016-2018. On you tube for the 2016 - 18 Malibu's, it shows a very easy fix to disable active noise cancellation. You simply lift up the trunk mat on the passenger side, locate the audio power amp mounted on the back of the wheel well & just cut the top purple wire. We just brought home our 2019 & guess what ?? Chevy changed it & there is no longer a power amp located in that spot ............ What now ????? ................ Does anyone out there know ?? ....... I desperately want to upgrade the factory speakers, but don't want that low end rumble. Do the 2019's even have "active noise cancellation" ?
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I upgraded the speakers with the ANC still active. I dealt with it for about a year or so until I found that video that you described. There was no end rumble and drove the same but I can hear all the low frequencies like they are suppose too. The ANC held back the bass like cutting in and out.

Rap and Electronic music can rejoice once again. lol
I went ahead & just replaced the speakers anyway with kickers in all 4 doors (& some dynamat for good measure). I didn't do anything to the ANC & it sounds fine. I used the exact same 4 kicker speakers that were in my 2016 Malibu. I mentioned in my first post above I got the strange low end rumble in the 2016 but in the 2019, it's fine with no low end rumble, so at this point I'm going to leave well enough alone.
What series kickers?
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