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Imperial Blue

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I am hoping someone can help. I am getting a 2008 LT2 Malibu, Imperial Blue after much debate. I need to know does it have the wood insert on the dash just like the chocolate colored dash? If anyone has pictures that would be great!!:eek: The dealer in my area is having to make a trade and no one can give me a picture. These cars seem hard to come by in certain areas. Oh by the way I am getting titanium inside.
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Mine has silver trim. Look Here
Washboy, That's a beautiful car! Are you happy with the inside and the color? I was thinking that the titanium like you have would look better than the brown and tan but wanted the opinion of someone who already owns the car. How long have you owned it?
mine has wood
bignick, what color is the inside? I went on and "built" one and can only find the wood in the black and the tan interior. I saw pictures of your car and it is really beautiful!! Makes me want my to get here quicker!
The Ultralux seats and two-tones of grey are very pleasing to my eyes…especially in combination with the exterior. I feel it gives the car a luxury look and feel. And psychologically, the light color tends to have a calming effect on me…it also seems to cool quickly after sitting in the sun all afternoon.

I’ve had the car for one other vehicles are getting jealous.
:)Well I finally got it Imperial Blue Bu Lt2. I could not be happier with it and the inside was much more than I was hoping for. The titanium was perfect for this car. I was worried because I had not seen one with this color combo but was overly pleased. Hubby is very happy and said the car looks and feels more expensive than it actually is!! He is very happy I chose this over the Camry I originally was going with. I will be driving it to work for the first time and because I have 27 miles to drive I will really be able to test it out!! One day when I get creative I will post pictures! Washboy you were right the color combo gives it that luxury feel.
heheh congrats :)
the imperial blue was one of those colours that perplexed me. in the end i didn't go with it because i'd have had to wait a couple of weeks to get it.
You have good taste in color Pwinskey :D
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