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just did my first long distance travel in the malibu

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well I just got back from a weeknd 1000 miles round trip to Tennesse, I have three things to say:

1. I was amazed by how well the 4 cylinder/4 sped did, no problem going up hills whatsoever, normally a car would reduce speed due the incline but not this malibu, I kept passing cars like nothing, the performance of my car was amazing over all, I got 28 mpg going 80-90 mph so I think that was great!

2. The only two complaints I have are: the seat belt got on my nerves since it's so thight, it kept pylling me towards the seat, so bad that my shoulder hurt the next day, It almost felt like I had a bruze. It was annoying!!

3. One weird thing that happened was that I had water sitting on the rear passanger side, a good amount too, at first I thought my wife had spilled it and was not big deal, but on our trip back there was the water again!! Anybody had this happen?
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Good to hear about the hills alpha, you averaged between 80-90 mph? Was there any overheating issue? How long were you going that speed? 28MPG at 80 is great, I got about 26 in a test run at 80. Would you say you averaged 85 there? Or mostly one way or the other. Glad to hear the 4cyl/4spd. was able to shine through the mountains, since it doesn't need to downshift as much I was hoping there wouldn't be too much issue.

I'll be testing the mountains later in the year and will give a report then...
That seat belt issue sounds unusual. I can get mine to lock up if I brake hard or corner forcefully. The way I get it to unlock and go back to freewheel (its normal mode) is to give it a little slack on the shoulder. It then lets me move about freely until the next lock up.

Do a little more driving and see if it locks up all the time or just how much, then take it in to have it looked at.

You can combine trips by having your AC leak fixed as well. Do that real soon, though!
The seatbelt issue is something that I know two people get on just about every car they drive. It's odd, but maybe something about how they sit? Or tolerance for the pressure of the belt?

Either way, one solution I've heard is to use a binder clip(the strong black clips with the two metal hoops) on the seatbelt to give a few inches or slack for yourself. Its likely not the safest, and don't overuse it, but maybe it would help someone temporarily. I'd advise against it, but if its that bad... I agree get it looked at soon since youll be in for the AC anyhow.

I haven't noticed anything odd with my '09 LS belts.
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