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Just got a 98 Malibu. A few things:

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Hey everyone, My names Sharxbyte and I just got a Malibu... Actually I was really blessed to get it for what I did, even considering the circumstances, but I'll probably go into more detail on those later.

Right now, I need some help. Mine's the base model, so it doesn't have the cruise control. (one of the things I miss about my diamante may it RIP) Does anyone know how I would go about getting one installed?

It also doesn't have a CD player(only cassette/radio) though i've been looking and I think I may get something with MP3 input and just plug my evo into it when I want music and not radio... Ideally I would spend around 50 dollars, and have a radio with (even just basic features) clock(duh) USB/aux input, and possibly flash card support. Cd would be nice because I have CD's, but really, I could just convert them to MP3s and skip the CD player all together.

The cars shifter handle is broken (well.. it still works, but its wobbly and cracked) and I was thinking that a PC joystick would be kinda awesome... I looked it up and found that a few people have done it, and even wired the buttons to do certain things... Even just using it as a basic shifter would be fine, but ideally i would hook up the cruise control and maybe stereo or light controls to the buttons.. Alternatively I could just get something else, but I really like the idea. Any tips/hints as to how I might go about wiring? (I can probably find the guys email who did it before and pick his brain if he doesn't mind)

I can guarantee i'll have more questions soon enough... Right now i'm working on replacing the airbags, hood, front bumper cover, and header panel. (the car had minor front end damage.. Got it at a wrecking yard(salvage title) after an insurance company totaled it. (112k miles, 2.4 4 cyl, like-new interior, and only payed 825 out the door. 128 for registration, 25 for smog(if it passes in one shot *praying*, 30(?) for brake and lamp another 140 for the windshield, 109 for the header panel/lights, probably 140 for the hood, 50 for the stereo if I go ahead and get a new one, 20-30 for the shifter knob, 150 for the airbags, and if I get it, 100 for the bumper. that is still under 1500 if I count right... (too lazy/tired to open calc =p)

Anyways, thanks in advance for your help/comments/suggestions!
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Well that's one way to get a car... Interesting.

IDK if I'm crazy about the PC joystick idea.

For a radio, Crutchfield has a couple nice, simple ones. You can get one with AM/FM, CD, and a AUX input for $70.

Good luck, just be safe with your repairs!

PS. Oh, also take a lot of pictures. Before/after pictures are always a lot of fun.

I didn't take before pictures yet... unfortunately We already straightened the parts that needed straightening before I could get any... I might be able to get some from the wrecking yard.

I'll check out that site! thanks =]
I feel slightly explosive right now... My header panel just came - and its broken... Going to contact the company that sent it (in a bag and bubble wrap for crying out loud!!! NO BOX!!! >:[ ) and complain, and demand a replacement with overnight shipping for free... This really p*sses me of...
I have the airbags out that need replacement... But neither of them says the model number on it.. called the dealer and they wouldn't tell me what the number was that I needed... (there are 4 3 letter combinations that are possible.. i don't know exactly what they are, but anyways, none of the 4, or anything remotely similar is on the airbags, so I don't know what one to buy... Help?
the letters i cant find are JAD or JAE, OR kuk or kuj... Any1 have pictures of what the label looks like?
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