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Just picked up a 2009 Malibu

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Just Picked up a New to Me 2009 Malibu LS. This Car runs great and the styling is awesome. Loving it so far Going to get the windows tinted tomorrow morning, And will have pictures up tomorrow.

Just found a picture on my phone
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Welcome.....Listen.... do yourself a favor and tell the window tint guys to cover over the controls on the front pass. side and drivers side doors. I know first hand that if any solution from the process gets inside the electronics on your doors your gonna have lock issues, and from what I've read in here, many people have. I think taping them over with plastic would be best.
Good luck with your car !
Welcom to the site and congrats on the purchase!

Is the main issue with the tint solution that it gets inbetween the glass and rubber seal? Or the overspray that gets on the buttons?

Whichever one, how do you solve it? just cover with plastic?
In my case, the solution got in between the electrical contacts inside the power door lock buttons on both doors. This would cause the door locks to fire on their own repeatedly....until I removed the fuse. 4 days later it was mostly gone, but because of the corrosion left behind the door locks would not operate. GM replaced the drivers side and I cleaned the passenger side, after disassembly. It is hard to believe that this happens because of the button design, but the solution traveled uphill and through rubber membranes to get inside the contact area. I should have taken some pics while I had it apart to show anybody how it works but I didn't. Maybe next time :D
I think the best way is to prevent this is to cover all the electrical controls with tape or plastic.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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