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I'm here due to the excellent thread by thewarriorhunter on the fuel smell from the rear of these cars. A young lady that is a friend of the family has a 2005 Malibu Maxx LS. It was her mother's car. My daughter and I are helping this young lady learn to drive and get her license. I am getting her car road-worthy and getting it licensed and insured.

I grew up working in a shop and worked in parts stores during college. Now I just tinkers for fun. It should be noted that while I am an ASE Certified Master Automotive Tech and an excellent lover, I primarily work as a Safety Engineer among other things and I haven't worked as a professional mechanic since I was young strapping lad with long sexy flowing hair before college. And even then, I mainly worked on big trucks and heavy equipment. Nowadays, I enjoy working on funny looking little cars, Like PT Cruisers for fun and relaxation. And I help others when I can.

My cars include:

2019 Dodge Charger Scat Pack. I got this for my wife to drive to work and as our main vehicle for family stuff and trips. My sweetie (my wife of about 30 years) loves her fast car. She particularly like the sound it makes. You can also see my old Dodge Quadcab in the background. I bought that new in November of 2003. Best vehicle I've ever owned.


Next is my 2006 Dodge Charger Daytona. This is my commuter car for work. She's old, but she's still fun.


Just for putting around, I also have this little PT Cruiser convertible "Super Bee". It's turbocharged and pulls 15 psi of boost.


My sweetie and I have a blast in this little strange-looking machine.


Last but not least, there is a CHEVY among this Mopar crowd. I have a little side business where I do environmental work. This old Chevy Drill Rig still does a great job taking core samples. She's got a Summit racing cam, Edelbrock RPM intake and Edelbrock carb. It's kind of my "rat rod".



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LOVE the sleeper rat rod. Who'd suspect that under the hood of that hard-working truck lies the heart of a dragster?

Thanks for the pics, the story, and the intro. Welcome to CMF, too, btw.

Go get some more wind in your hair, while you still have it! . . . :eek:
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