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Kevin's 2010 Malibu LT

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Kevin's Malibu - "WYT SAND"​

The Ride:
2010 Chevrolet Malibu 1LT "LT+Z"
Summit White / Cocoa-Cashmere
2.4L LE5 I4/A6
169HP @ 6400RPM --- 143WHP (DashCommand)
160TQ @ 4500RPM --- 135WTQ (DashCommand)

Build Date: 06/01/2010

The Mods:
K&N Drop-In Air Filter - Check!
17" 2LT Alloy Wheels - Check!
Rain-X Repel Wipers - Check!
LTZ Front Grilles - Check!
Custom "Malibu" Floormats - Check!
iPhone Vent Mount - Check!
Leather Steering Wheel - Check!
Leather Shift Knob - Check!
Chrome Door Handles - Check!
LTZ Dual Exhaust - Check!
Leather Headrest - Check!
White Interior LEDs in Maps and Dome - Check!
Pioneer AVH-P3400BH Radio - Check!
Retrofit Projector Headlights with HIDs and Halos - Check!
PLX Kiwi 2 Wifi + Dash Command - Check!

Aqua Interior Ambient Light - In The Future
Michelin Defender Tires - In The Future
OEM LTZ Tail Lights - In The Future
OEM Fog Lights - In The Future
Upgraded Speakers - In The Future
iKey Push-Button Start System - Unknown/Undecided

Current Look:

My favorite shots:

HDR Shots:

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I'm thinking about modifying my headlights to get projectors as was done by another member (using their advice).

I'm also planning on getting the LTZ Exhaust done.

Around those will be chrome door handles, fairly small, but still.

I am debating on a spoiler. The only one would be the sort of extended lip spoiler, but I'm not sure. I kind of like the clean look without any spoiler at all.

I am not sure what I will do after that. There isn't too much more I can do that I haven't modified that's possible or logical.
I don't have any new mod yet, but I wanted to make a list of what is coming to remind my self of the things I'm doing and the things I'm looking for ways to do.

Chrome Door Handles - I will be buying these within the week and putting up pictures of doing it. I know there is already a guide, but another set of pictures can't hurt.

LTZ Exhaust - This will be done sometime soon. I'm possibly getting this from another member (same guy I got my grills from! Thanks bud!). If that does work, I will get them from the shop.

Aqua Ambient Lighting - This is another project, but I want to get the aqua color and not too bright. I'm more a fan of the dim lighting that's more ambient rather than bright and in-your-face. We'll see, but I'd like a little more ambient lighting.

Projectors - There are a few things I've been looking at, but I am trying to find one that doesn't require modification to the actual car (i.e. a plug-and-play like HIDs). We'll see where this goes, but this won't be soon.

Seats - This is something that might or might not work. I know that the seats are all pieces. That's how you can purchase seat heaters even if you don't have them stock. So, I am thinking about buying the "UltraLux" seat (the ones that feel like suede-ish?) parts and putting them on my seats. I know the pieces would fit because I've seen the illustration of how the seats are put together, but I'm not sure how difficult it would be. So, this is a maybe, but not sure.

RKSport Hood - This isn't a project, but I'm only fifty-fifty on this. I like the way the hood looks, but at the same time, it makes it sort of race-ish, which I'm not a fan of. However, from certain angles it looks a bit more aggressive. Most likely I won't be doing this, but I might, so I'm listing it.

Spoiler - Same as the hood, there are only two spoilers: the normal and the slightly extended one that I saw somewhere that I keep forgetting. Most likely it would only be the extended one since the normal one is too small, but at the same time I sort of like the clean look without a spoiler.

Fog Lights - This would be a fun project, but I never use fog lights where I live (never use fogs or highs, night time is always lit up where I am). However, I like the way it looks and it isn't terribly expensive, so I've been tossing and turning on it. I would likely make it come on with the headlights (not the DRLs), which would make sense and not keep them on all the time, but I'm not sure how easy or hard that would be.

I won't get all of this done in any form of 'soon', but I wanted to list all of things that I'd like to do at some point in time. These are all listed in the order of priority.
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On the fog lights there's a member here with a set for sale. Check out the thread in the Trading Post. Making them turn on with the headlights but not with DRLs is easy and you wouldn't need the switch or any programming. I can draw you a real easy schematic. It would be one relay, one fuse holder, and some wire and terminals.

I saw ambient lighting on some dash covers. They sew it into the outer edges and there are about 5 or 6 colors available. I think aqua or similar is among them.

If you find projector headlight housings to replace our stockers buy the first set. There'll be a run on 'em once the forum finds out! ;)

I like the look of the RKSport hood a lot. If I can save up enough money to get it AND get it painted, that puppy will be on my car!
Okay! I finally did my Chrome Door Handles!


Here is a sort of step-by-step.

First, open the door and look on the edge about level to where the handle is. You will see a small round rubber piece. Remove that (it'll come out just by hand) and look inside towards the handle and you will see a torx bolt.

Next, unscrew the torx bolt, but DO NOT let the bolt fall out or it will fall inside the door. You should NOT be able to move the bolt up or down at all. When the torx bolt is a bit loose, pull the door handle out and pull straight out on the small part (opposite the handle, where the key would go). This should pull right out, if it doesn't loosen the torx bolt a little more. It should come out like this:

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Next, pull the handle out and then pull straight back (towards the tail of the car if the door were shut). It will take a little force, but it will pop out. There will be a little rubber piece around where the smaller piece was (the piece that would have the lock for the key). Make sure this is still in place, if not just put it back in place. The handle should come out like this:

Now, take the chrome door handle, put it straight into the door and push towards the hood of the car (again, if the door were shut) until you hear or feel it pop into place. Then, pull it out towards you like you were normally opening the door and place the other piece in (it will not pop, but will stay in place when you let go of the handle). Now, screw the torx bolt back in and put the rubber piece back in place! Redo for the next three doors and you're done!

Comparison: Front door chrome, back door normal

After all is done:

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Wow, that looks awesome! Great pics and easy to follow tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to share. Doing stuff like this is what makes this such a great site!
Wow, that looks awesome! Great pics and easy to follow tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to share. Doing stuff like this is what makes this such a great site!
Yea! And honestly it's a night and day difference between the two. It looks amazing with the chrome door handles (in my opinion).

I know there is already a 'tutorial' for how to do the chrome door handles, but I figured I'd put how I did it in here. That way if someone is looking at mine and wonders how to do it, they have the information!
And now that you've done it you can add a link to your sig to make it easy for others to find.
That's true! I went and did that. That's a good idea Driven :D

Now on to the next project!
I can help you with the plug-and-play projectors, PM me or look at my thread in the classifieds for info.
Thanks Mali!! I will definitely be looking into these.

That means, I'm looking at the LTZ Exhaust (possibly buying from someone here) and these Projectors from Mali.

Updated the front page. I'd love to have these on the 'Bu!
The chrome handles are such a subtle yet drastic difference. They look great!
Man I think you should still do the Dynomax 17739 exhaust! Go on eBay and get 2 nice, large stainless tips (cost me $40), muffler from Advance Auto and have a shop do the labor for $100. You'll spend $185 on a custom, aftermarket exhaust that looks a lot nicer than the LTZ (depending on the tips you get) and it sounds a lot more toned and mellow and as long as you dont touch anything else in the system it will sound great!
Alrighty, so the 3.6 exhaust is going on come Monday or Tuesday. I know there were cheaper ways that might possibly add a decent sound, but 1. I'm too nervous about custom non-stock exhausts because all the ones I've heard on four cylinders are just not my cup of tea and 2. I like to retain "stock" on my daily drivers just to make sure they are fully warrantied by the dealership I work with.

Also, on the mod note, this will likely be the last mod I can do for a while. My courses took away $750 more than they were supposed to, so that kind of tanks my modding abilities. If and when I do build up some more money though, Mali's projector headlights are next on the list. I -might- do some interior lights, but it would be very minor (as in, it would have to be around $20), but it would also have to be dim and ambient (I don't want bright, I want ambient like the stock ambient lighting, which is very hard to mimic). That likely won't happen since it would be very hard to get a color and ambiance that is like the stock ambient lighting, but we'll see. I'm not worried about this, this is more of an "if I see something for super cheap that would still look nice" kind of thing.

Thanks everyone for checking out my 'Bu!
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You should see about putting some of your pictures and data in your garage. It's a fairly new feature in the bar up top. Once you do the Garage link should appear in your avatar so others can go check it out.

Uhm, that sig looks kinda familiar. Where have I seen it before? ;)
I looked at the garage feature and added my Malibu and also my Mustang :)

And yea, I saw the signature style on this really cool guy's sig and figured I'd take some styling cues for mine :p
I like your garage, and that Fire Red car inside it is HOT!
It's my '97 Mustang Convertible :p It's the V6, but it's got the true dual catback, bbk intake, getting the bbk headers and pulleys for it, lowered, so it's doing well!

I also have an '85 Firebird (also the V6) and my family is the original owner(s). Got a stainless steel catback, intake (forget what kind), tuned injectors, that's about it, but original engine and transmission!! Currently it's my Grandpa's. We switch it around every couple of years or so for fun.

I had a 2000 Corvette. Didn't get a chance to mod it before someone t-boned me :(

My Dad and I are also looking at co-buying an '03-'05 M-B SL500. It'll probably be 6-12 months before we can get the money to pick one up though, but that will be fun to tinker around with!

My Dad and Grandpa and I are really big car buffs :p
I like your family dynamics way better than mine! I guess you can't pick your relatives, but you CAN pick your friends.

And yer nose, but I won't mention that. ;)
Okay, miiiiight be able to swing the headlights. I've also found some aqua interior led lights and a nice switch, so I might do the driver and passenger side underdash parts. Still, going to have to wait sometime between now and the end of June, but these are my current two projects I want to do, the headlights much more so.
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