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So, I have stomach problems && I accidentally missed my throw bag yesterday in the car because it randomly hits me. But usually this doesn't happen. I accidentally got throw up on the switch for my heated seats on the side (one switch , has 1 or 2 as levels; down is off). At first the lights were flickering very faintly after I got it all cleaned up. Then they were solid & today the switch is working perfectly except IT WON'T TURN OFF && It's extremely hot . I need help on how to fix this please. With my stomach problems , getting too hot is my biggest trigger to having these episodes. So it's an immediate need to fix. Thank you. ( Oh And it's the passenger seat, my fiancee usually drives )

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For immediate relief, pull the fuses (there are 2).


After doing that, there is a plug on the back of the switch that can be accessed only from behind the seat side cover. It takes a special combination of moves (not difficult) to pop the cover off, and then you can reach the plug. After that the switch can be popped out and serviced or replaced.

I will try to explain those special moves for the passenger's seat:

  1. Open the door and face the side of the seat.
  2. With your right hand, take ahold of the front of the cover where it wraps around to the front of the seat.
  3. With your left hand on the side of the cover as near the corner, press firmly and hold it there while you pull toward the front of the car with your right hand to unsnap the cover at the front.
  4. From there you should be able to get the cover far enough away from the seat to unplug the switch.
  5. There are 2 "wings" on the underside of the switch that need to be squeezed to release it to slide up and out of the rectangular slot it resides in.
Once you have the switch, figure out if you want to try to service it or just replace it.

Alternately, you can take it to a shop or dealer and pay to have this done. Take note! If you do, take pictures of the entire area around the seat, both before and after, and inspect it before accepting it back from the shop. I had my vehicle serviced at a dealer for the seatbelt recall/TSB and they broke things so badly that they had to buy new trim pieces and switches!
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