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Ive owned the 08 4cyl and its on the way out but i live the malibu so im looking to upgrade, i bought the 4cyl for 1000cad and it took about 2k to get it road legal. That was from a mechanic i could have dont it for around a grand but didn’t have the time.

Is there anything i should look for in specific
It needs new breaks and rear shocks so i plan on taking then off my current car.

it is the 3.6L v6


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I would personally wait for a 2010-2012 Malibu LTZ. By then, they had sorted out many of the common issues and both the engine and transmission were more reliable. The 2008 was the first model year of the 7th generation and had many new features and build methods that were untested. I always avoid first model year cars.
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