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Had this 2007 Malibu LS 2.2L about 3 or 4 years now, picked it up from my father-in-law.
I Always hated the huge wheelwell gap!

Had some suspension related noise in the front so decided to just go ahead and do pretty much everything and since i did all the work myself
i could afford to put some Eibach springs on it for a lower ride height and also improve the handling a bit. I used the Eibach Pro-Kit for the
05-09 Pontiac G6 as others on here have mentioned but didn't have a lot of follow ups and what it looked like.

Eibach Pro Kit - 38103.140 (Purchased off Ebay)

All below purchased from Rockauto:

Monroe 72199 Strut - Front Right (1)
Monroe 72200 Strut - Front Left (1)
Monroe 63619 Strut - Boot Kit (2)
Monroe 905909 Strut Mount - Front Right (1)
Monroe 905908 Strut Mount - Front Left (1)
Moog K160137 Strut Insulator - Front Lower (2)
Moog K160136 Strut Insulator - Front Upper (2)
Moog K80252 Stabilizer Bar - Front (2)
Monroe 5780 Shock - Rear (2)
ACDelco 46A1168A - Inner Tie Rod End (2)
ACDelco 46A1059A - Outer Tie Rod End (2)

I borrowed the inner tire rod end and spring compressor tool kits from Advance Auto to aid in the repair and to
be able to safely assemble the struts. I made a strut mount socket from a 13/16" spark plug socket and drilling the inside
hole so that my 10mm deep socket could go through. This helped in tightening the upper strut mount nut while holding the

Unfortunately i don't have any before pics available now, i'm sure i can come up with some but this pic is after install.
wheels are 17" with 235/45 rubber


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Drove for a few days on the new suspension setup, so far the Monroe Shocks and Struts are nice and smooth. Whatever was originally banging in the front end which
prompted this suspension upgrade is gone now, my thoughts are that it was the front left strut or tie rod end.

2 of the tires were brand new so I dropped it off yesterday and had an alignment done to keep the tire wear down.

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Looks pretty dang good!

Yeah, don't let expen$ive tire$ die from neglect or poor maintenance.
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