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LT steering wheel for an LS?

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I just bought a leather-wrapped steering wheel for my Maxx LS. It's an LT model, same appearance as the LS wheel but with leather and more controls. It was $50 from ebay.

Anyone do this swap? Will the connectors match up? Not too worried about the audio controls working, more interested in retaining cruise control and getting rid of the cheap feel of the plastic wheel.

Asked the dealer if this would and they did not know.

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I am not that familiar with the 2005 malibu's, but I do know with the G6's, you are able to add functioning steering wheel control if the car doesn't have them, and they are able to swap from the 4 spoke steering wheel (similar to malibu?) up to the 3 spoke.

To add Radio controls it did require a trip to the dealer to have them program the option into the radio (I think it was RPO UB3) but it was doable.

Here are some links:
Adding radio controls

Using 08 Malibu controls

talk of the swap:

Hope that helps.
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