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Yes, you heard me right. This car has the LTZ climate control. I know there was a thread about this saying it’s cheaper to buy a LTZ and that it’s the systems are substantially different and the BCM needs programming but I’m here to say I’ve done it and it’s easier than led to believe.

The things you're going to need are
1 LTZ dash harness
2 LTZ vehicle communication module (above passenger kick panel) you need this or the car won’t start
3 LTZ blower motor module (on the rear of HVAC case)
4 sun load sensor (center of the instrument panel, in defroster deflector)
5 recirculation actuator (on upper HVAC case)
6 and some rewiring. The LTZ harness has the front speakers going to an amp that the LT, LS models don’t have.
7 and you’re going to have to drill some holes in the air ducts for the temperature sensors.

To my surprise, the system is fully functional without the need for the BCM needing to be reprogramed. This conversation cost me about $150. If anyone has any questions about this project, feel free to contact me.
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I think we need to up your Rep Points!

We have always told people to get the LTZ car itself, but now it's possible to upgrade for a couple of C notes.
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