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Maintaining dash/leatherette?

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What are you all using to take care of your dashes and the leatherette seats? Heard that Armor All is horrible for cars. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks everyone!
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Armor All is horrible, water based junk.

I use Mothers leather cleaner and conditioner.
Thanks for the suggestions! I will check those out. Is the Meguiars Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner/Conditioner ok for the leatherette in the 2LT?
Yup, even the leather on most cars is only part of the seating surfaces. On the LTZ the inserts are real leather, the rest leatherette.
Been using ArmorAll for years. It really isn't much different than the other stuff. Most of the problem with any of it is the high shine it gives things.

I use a low gloss Armor All on the vinyl stuff inside the car. I follow GM's instructions and never do anything to the dash except clean it with water. Had somebody spray down my dash on another car with something similar to regular ArmorAll and it took me a long time to get it to the point where I could see properly out of the windshield when the sun was shining.

ArmorAll does a great job with tires if used properly. I usually take the wheels off the car and clean them with a tire cleaner like Bleche White. Once they are dry I spray them down with Armorall everywhere and let it soak in overnight. Then I install the wheels on the car and wash it using a mit on the tires. That takes the shine away and when the tires are dry they look like they just came out of the factory. I usually do this once a year.

ArmorAll in the wheel wells works also. First clean them with a scrub brush and then spray them with a heavy coat of ArmorAll. Let it soak in over night and then put the wheels back on. When you wash the car just use a towel to wipe down the parts of the wheel well you can get to. Don't get the ArmorAll on the brake rotor.

In the engine compartment ArmorAll will keep it looking like new. First spray the engine down with a 50/50 mix of Simple Green and Water. Soak everything. Then let it sit for a few minutes and use a hose set for a gentle spray to rinse everything. Then spray ArmorAll on the surfaces of the engine compartment and let it spread to cover everything (be careful around the air intake as it can get into the engine and ruin the O2 sensor in the exhaust). Then use a towel to wipe it down and take off the high shine. On cast iron exhaust manifolds it does a great job of making them look they just came from the foundry. Rusty ones have to be wire brushed free of the rust and then sprayed with ArmorAll. Once it soaks in it makes them look gray. When the manifolds are on the engine you can see the ArmorAll bubbling on them when you fire the engine up and they get hot.

Armor All is highy water based, that is it's downfall. Water and rubber do not mix. It can cause dry rot. My buddy owns a high end detail shop that has been open about 15 years, they use something called Magic Dressing and are anti Armor All. There is very little water in it, I use it now as well. Out of all the "dressings" out there Armor All is the worst by far, be carefull and use it sparingly.
How often to you all condition/clean the leatherette?
I do my leather every other month.
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