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Maintenance parts

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Hi, just joined.

Getting a 2003 Malibu this Saturday and I want to get info on parts I will need for general maintenance and tips.

For oil change is there a part number for an extended length filter. I usually use Purolator Pure-one filters in my cars.

Is there a gasket on the oil pan plug that I should look for?

Any other maintenance tips I should be aware of?

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You are supposed to replace the crush washer on the oil drain plug every time you pull it. I'm not sure what size it is offhand, but ...

RockAuto lists the Dorman 0971191 - a M12x1.75 plastic gasket.

Also the FelPro 70820 .

AC Delco filter #s are PF47 and PF47E so I'd look for a cross to the PF47E .

Just remember - verify the weight of the oil called for by your owner's manual! The 3100 and 3400 both really like 5W30 for a standard oil.

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