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I'm looking to buy keyless entry transmiters (because now i have only the key....), but i see that some of the options have one extra button (remote start). How can i know if my car has the posibility to use the remote start?
Greetings, this is something that I'm working on determining myself. So far it looks like we have 2 options - run every single component code listed on your glove compartment door against the list that GM publishes, or check the 'Info' readout on your dash.

I discovered this accidentally when trying to reset my oil life meter. Key in 'On' position, but do not start the vehicle. Press the 'Info' and ... well, it looks like the 'return' key from older keyboards / typewriters. The return key should be directly below the info key. Press both of these simultaneously for a few seconds, and the odometer / info panel should give you a message. Mine seems to reliably appear with 'reset oil life.'

Once that popped up I kept hitting 'info' (I think!) to cycle the various messages / options. One of them came back with "Remote start - Enabled."

If this is to be taken literally, the car has the capacity to remote-start. I am still researching key fobs and how to pair them with the car.

I'm sorry if this is a bit disjointed, I have had a long week and a longer weekend. Just about time to go pass out and do it all again. Best of luck,
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