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Malibu 2010 LT.
This problem started occurring from a couple of years but now its frequent...
I have replaced 2 compressors already and now 3rd compressor. Cooling lines are already flushed and cleaned.
AC works fine when in idle or cruise mode(stable RPM) but with changing RPM AC stops blowing cold(Compressor remains engaged) and turns back auto on after 10-15mins.
Once It stops blowing cold air and I manually turnoff/turnON compresor It instantly starts cooling.
1. High pressure switch replaced but no avail.
2. Ambient temperature sensor works fine too.
3. Freon level is ok too.

Help please...

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There is an automatic system that disengages the compressor at high RPM regardless of the button being illuminated, I would guess it has something to do with that malfunctioning. Are you replacing the compressor unit with OEM parts or aftermarket? You didn't specify your mileage, but it's highly unusual to already replace the compressor twice.

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Overcharge may cause high rpm shut off due to high pressure cut off and after system equalizes it will come back on.
If doing your own work 134 goes in by weight not by fluid measure. Refill can actually go's on a scale.
Orifice and it's screen new?
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