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Malibu LTZ 2013; Won’t Start...

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*I am currently looking for some guidance... I purchased a used 2013 Malibu LTZ on 10/18/19 (two weeks ago) from a prestige dealership. My Malibu seemed to be driving fine for a few days until I started to notice a lot of flickering with the monitor and lights inside. I also started to hear movement of some sort within the dashboard. Yesterday my Malibu failed to start. After a jump it started however the monitor was black and the lights on the dash were not working. After parking my Malibu for a few hours my car wouldn’t start again. Instead it made a continuous tapping/clicking sound for about 20 mins w/ check engine light on. Steering and pedal is locked. The dealer informed me that they are not responsible for the vehicle any longer. Before taking my Malibu to a shop; is there anyone out there that might have some insight on what’s going on with my Malibu?
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Have the battery checked, and see if there are any DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes). Most any auto parts store will read codes for free as well as check the battery.
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