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Malibu Power steering problem

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Dear All
I have purchased Malibu 2016 model in March as a second owner. It started giving problem right after two weeks. Problem started with steering lock. It use to work sometimes and sometimes no luck. I took vehicle to dealer and he charhed 160$ and said need to replace rack and pinion. I did this from local mechanic to save some $. Problem of locking out steering was resolved but after 2-3 months new problem of grinding noise started when I turn the wheel. It is kore hard when the vehicle in in low speed for ex; if i am pulling out of parking in the morning. I am not sure what to do next. I don’t want to dealers, as they charge a lot. Any suggestion or anyone had similar experience then please share path forward.
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No warranty on this used car? Not even a 90 day from the seller? As-is sales on cars that are only 7 years old is a red flag. Steering rack failure probably means it was in a wreck - those don't fail on Gen9 yet. To offer free advice, we would need more descriptive information. I don't know what "It is kore hard when the vehicle in in low speed for ex" means.

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