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My ‘22 LT

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My ‘22 LT 1.5. Haven’t done much to it yet. I have rotated the air in the tires, change the muffler bearings every 1000 miles, actually put in blinker fluid yesterday. It’s ready to turn 10,000 miles. Is it time for an engine or transmission change yet?


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If you're in the north, did you use -20 blinker fluid? Don't want to forget about it in the fall and have them freeze up.
I have to use the +100. I’m near San Antonio. We get our 3weeks of winter, so I’ll keep that in mind.
When you rotated air did you switch to pure nitrogen? Common air is only like 78% nitrogen. If you go pure you gain the difference as 22% better fuel economy. Unfortunately, going pure will only net half the difference as a torque boost so 11%. Remember to lube the hinge on the rear view mirror. When it gets lube it enters HD mode.
I’m too cheap to go nitrogen. Do I need a special lube for the mirror? Something that won’t cause a problem with my turbocharger? Or will canola oil work?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts