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My 2011 LTZ

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Just got it this month so its pretty much bone stock.


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I hate the front plate. this is the first car that i have ever had one on. i put in brighter bulbs, not HID, and totally forgot to see if i could remove the plate while i had the bumper off. i know there are going to be three small holes in the bumper but those a lot less noticeable than the huge black wart the dealer put on even though i asked them not to.

Thats how it came right off the show room floor. I have not done anything to the grill, yet. I was thinking of painting it flat black but not sure how that will look on my car. I'll have to see a red Bu with a blacked out grill before I decide.
Trogdor... the Burninator

As fas as I know Illinois is a two plate state. If I get pulled over i'll have to deal with the fix it ticket.

not sure what I am going to do with the grill yet. leave it change it.

right now I am building a subwoofer box for the trunk and thinking of getting the windows tinted. at the moment I am considering 15% all around.
one thing i have noticed... the usb port doesn't like the cold. on cold mornings i wont see my ipod. i have swapped out the ipod and the wire to see if it was one of those. Its deff the usb port. On a morning that isnt cold out, say maybe 50 outside, it works just fine. and it works just fine once the cold days warm up. i've never seen anything like this from a usb device. Do the Malibus have a known issue with the usb port?

I have not taken it in as of yet because I just got the car. if it turned out to be uncommon or unheard of I am planning on taking it in and seeing if a replacement stereo unit can be fitted to correct the issue. if it is common than i was not going to bother as the chances of getting another finicy unit would have been pretty good.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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