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My new spoiler

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I installed my new spoiler today. The company matched the paint perfect. I think it looks like it could've been put on at the assembly plant.:Dhttp://
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Gene, I bought it from Sportwing for $159 and they painted it. You just have to give them your paint code. They are on Ebay in the 08-09 Chevy Malibu parts and accessorys or you can call them. 1-800-899-1516. They sure did match the paint great, and no drilling to install
Can you get more pics?
Just tell me what kind of pictures you want and I will do that for you Mali27.
Looks real nice, Might have to pick up one of those for my bu
Don't forget pictures when you do.:D
I will do that for you Mali27. I will try to post them Thursday eve.
Here you go Mali, hope these are ok. If not let me know.http://
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Your welcome Mali, glad to help. And thanks for the compliment.
Looks good!

Where did you get that grill?
I bought it from [upgradeyourauto] for $95 on Ebay. It snaps on over the original grills.
yea..definitely looks pretty clean on the malibu..nice job man
Thanks BPizzle:)
Hey Mali27, did you ever buy a spoiler for your BU? How about some pics of your ride.
KURLY i'm digging that spoiler ;), can you post a side shot of the spoiler, trying to see how it hangs off the back, and your Bu' looks sweet :D
Yep I will. I'll take a picture Sat morn and post it for you.
Well Malo83 here's a few pictures of the spoiler. If these arn't what you wanted let me know.


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Thanks KURLY, just what I was looking for :D can you give a little more info how you mounted it ;)
The spoiler came with a little bottle of accelerater[ laquer thinner]. I sat the spoiler on the car and with a crayon made an outline of the spoiler. Then I took some alcohol and wiped the paint all the way around the inside of the crayon mark about an inch wide. After that dried [a couple of minutes] I put some accelerater on a peice of cloth an wiped the same area again. Let that dry for a few minutes then peel off the plastic on the spoiler tape and set the spoiler on the car. After you are done you can wipe the crayon off and WAA LAA thats it. NO DRILLING. CAUTION...don't let the accelerater drip on your paint anywhere outside the crayon mark. If it does clean it off immediately.

thanks for talking your time to share your spoiler information and pics. I will probably get one sometime in the future. Here's some comments/questions for you/the forum:

- do you feel the mounting of the spoiler is sturdy enough to use for closing the trunk across many years of use?

- I saw a guy at my gym who had a 2009 Malibu with a spoiler that did not have the notched out section in the center. next time I see him, I'll ask where he got it.

- Any auto body experts out there who think the spoiler installation will lead to corrosion under the spoiler? I live in the rust belt and used to have a 1979 Camaro. That vehicle had a lot of corrosion under the spoiler, but no rust in the surrounding areas of the body/trunk.
#1 yes
#2 you can buy several different kinds on Ebay
#3 you can always run a bead of clear silicone around your spoiler to seal it. Also was the Camaro spoiler bolted on? Could make a difference with holes drilled in the body.
KURLY is this the spoiler you have on your Bu' :D
Malo that looks like mine and it is the same company. But when I read the ad it didn't say whether the spoiler was bolted on or glued on with double stick tape. Mine used the tape and is solid as can be. If I can I will add the link. The one exactly like mine is on Ebay right now .
I can't seem to paste the link but look in the 25 days left section of the Buy it now. The price is $159 and has a picture of a techno gray malibu. Let me know if you find it. Thanks
Whofan I really don't know how safe the spoiler would be in the car wash, I guess it would depend on what kind of car wash. Are you talking about one with the big brushes or one that you use the wand. I DO know that this spoiler is on as tight as the bow ties are. There are different grades of double stick and the company that I bought mine from seems to use real good quality double stick adhesive. I've put some pressure on mine and it won't budge. I think the secret is to clean with alcohol, let dry, apply accelerator,let dry a couple of minutes and install spoiler. Just follow instructions that come with it.

No I can't see the spoiler from inside. Maybe I'm too short 5 10.
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