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Need Some Help...on everything

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Hey, I'm new to everything about this. I'm 17, and got lucky when my parents hooked me up with a 2009 Malibu. I want do a couple of things to it, but I dont know where to start. I'd like to put some new speakers in it, and I was looking at the "Duraflex" Body Kit.

Im not looking for a lot in the speakers, but I want to take it up a few notches, and body wise, I have no idea if those Duraflex body kits have been used, and/or are dependable.

Another problem is, I really don't know much about installation, cost, speaker type, or anything involved in it. Pardon the inexperience, but I figured this would be a good place to look for help.

I'd love any suggestions on anything for the Malibu, but I also need to know the price, whether its better to do it manually, or get installation, etc..

Thanks a ton,
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@ CorruptedHart
Im in to a sort of Hood star look, but only gonna be driving it pretty often so I dont want to put alot of money into something thats gonna wear easy. Truth be told, I would like to end up pretty similar to Silver LTZ's Bu...nice, but not totally done out. As for speakers, I am totally clueless, where would I find the info on what it came with? Owners Manual? Oh and one more stupid question...How do you know whether the bu is 1st or 2nd LT?
IMO body kits are over priced, break easy, and do nothing for the car.

In short, I couldnt really tell you how to find out what sound system is in your car. I still have the dealer sheet from my window.

Pretty much, bose or not bose are your choices.

I don't have bose, but have a stock amplifier in the trunk, and the stock speakers have pretty good response, only thing they lack is BASS but what do you expect.

I recommend a good tint job to start off, improves the overall look of the car, makes the interior fade less, and provides a sense of privacy while driving.

Rims for a car are basically clothes for a person, they can change the cars look completely. So the easiest way to create a daily driver with a custom look in honesty, tint, rims, subs.

I recommend Ziebart if you have one in your area, lifetime warranty for tint jobs.

For audio, hands down, cant find a cheaper, more hassle free website. I got 2 12L7 with 2 750.1 kicker amps for $1k shipped. Seems like a lot but its a steal for that equipment and 3 year squaretrade warrantys.
Sounds Great! Yeah I looked it up...Im pretty much the same speaker wise. No BOSE but I want some better bass at least. Did you do the amp installation yourself?
Nice siggy, post that pic sooner than later.......haha.
Id love to, but its midnight over here, and I have school in the morning so hopefully I can get it up tomorrow afternoon. but yeah, thanks for the help in what to put there...any other suggestions?
The amp on the speakers is factory, I installed the Kicker stuff myself with a custom ported box.
Yeah...problem here...I know about this >< much on electronics. I know people who can do it, but I kinda want to get an idea of whats going to change. Do you have any pics of your setup?
Well set ups vary from car to car, but in my case what has changed is pretty much, I have no trunk and my mirrors have become useless because all I see is blurs.

But yes I'll make sure to go out and snap some pics for you asap, may not be till next week because I have to head to Toledo this weekend for brothers big 21st.

BTW: A simple sub woofer install doesn't require much electronics knowledge just the simple basics, Ohms law, a good understanding of how to route wires, and whatever company's stuff your installings tech support line.

Whatever company the audio equipment is from, make sure you call thier tech support just to get a simple understanding of how its supposed to be set up, a box that is sized wrong or a amplifier that is turned up too high can turn an amazing set up into a burning pile of electronics.
That'd be great...thanks much!
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