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My son has a 2006 malibu ltz and was trying to put in a aftermarket radio, the aftermarket harness wasnt working, so he spliced the wires and got power and it would turn on.

Well the speakers wont work now and he cut the main radio harness in the dash to splice each wire separate.

Well I went out there to give him a hand and I have done this many times back int he day, but this one has me stumped.

There are multiple wires that are same exact color so I dont know which one to use

Example there are 3 green wires that are the same color/shade

And another thing is when I hook Up the yellow wire the radio wont power on unless I have the red wire connected to it. Then the dashboard goes nuts and all the lights come on and the gas gauge stops working

I have the wiring diagram but it doesnt show multiple wires of the same color
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