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New blue halogen headlight bulbs?

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I'm looking to get some good looking Blue halogen headlight bulbs.

I was wondering if anyone of you knew where i could buy them for a good price and what kind i should get and that would fit my car.

2007 chevy malibu lt :)
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1 - 4 of 19 Posts Cheapest HID kit that i would trust. Not much more than bulbs or cheaper depending on what bulbs you get. You would need a H11 Bulb. The normal "Raptor" kit is $25 for regular sized ballasts or the "Slim" Ballast kit for $35. I'm going to order a Raptor kit in 6000K or 8000K for the GF's car. I've had 8000k for the last 5 years in all of my different cars and loved them.
Can you help me out on finding some for the car?

I can't seem to find any. And i'm not sure how to setup the HID.
You would need a H11 for low and a H9 for high like RalphP said.
IMO I have never used a relay wiring harness on any of my last cars and NEVER had a problem but thats just me.

1. Got to
2. Click on HID kits on main page
3. In middle of page it has "Apexcone Raptor HID Kit" or "DDM HID Kit Slim Ballast" Pick whichever one you want and click it.
4. Stick with 35W more than enough, Select H11(For Low Beam) for Bulb Type, Bulb color(I use 8000k) and then add to cart unless you need to order Adapter cables,harness or Error Code Eliminator.

Here is a Install guide,1

Here is a how to properly seat the H11 Gasket,1


I'm not saying RalphP is wrong. I'm just saying i've never used a relay wiring harness and have been fine. I take no responsibility for anything that could happen for not using a relay wiring harness.

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No problem :) Where you from? Im in a smaller town only about 35,000-40,000 people, I have friends that have 12000k and have never been pulled over. I think the main thing is to have them adjusted right and have a working hi beam. I did have a friend who got a ticket, cause he was a cheap ass and didnt buy a high/Low kit so he had no high beam. On a dark empty country road a Cop flashed him thinking that he had high beams on. But he couldn't flash back and got a ticket for a non working high beam. Cop said all you had to do is flash back LOL.
He didnt think so LOL.. I have a 8000k low and a normal high, but living in town i dont really need high beams.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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