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New driver from Ohio

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I got a 2000 Malibu from my dad, he paid $200 from it with a blown tranny, broken motor and rusting parts. maybe $1500 later it looks almost new and a week into having my license I am starting to modify it.
-All new door and deck speakers, 4 way sony xplod's cause they were cheap
-2 10in subs in trunk with amp only like 600 watts
-security system because it didnt have keyfob when i got it
-im trying to take nicer headrests from pontiac and make them fit
-mirrored orange tint in a short while
-16in konig racing rims with low profile tires to make them fit
-Pioneer headunit (i found out there is a slight difference between 2000 and 2001 malibu which makes anything for 01 bu not fit 00)
-hid the on/off switch for subs in back of the little cubby hole on dash

thats it for now, prolly more in the next month to come, eibach lowering springs, kyb shocks and some new struts. cold air and exhaust when my older brother who is a mechanic gets home
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Welcome 31pm. Sounds like your doing a lot of work on your car. Post some pics when you can, I would like to see it. Hope you have before and after photos.
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