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Hey Guys!

Just found this site, after trying to go on and finding it is no longer working...

Anywho here's some info about my car:

2001 Malibu LS
Black on tan leather
3400 swap
Magnaflow muffler
6000K HID

Soon to come:
window tint
16" '05 GA GT rims
Eibach lowering kit
Flowmaster dual exhaust
projector headlights
black mesh grille
aftermarket tails

That is all for now! lol PEACE!

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very nice! it's finally good to have found an actual forum for the Bu where people post more than once every three months!
LOL! Yea, even though there isn't that much traffic through here it still stays busy enough to drop just about everyday and make a post or two.

Post some pics of the ride when you get a chance.

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