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New guy here

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Hey guys my name is Frank and i am from Clinton Michigan, but am currently living in Nebraska playing on a junior hockey team.
i am 19 and have an 08 black malibu with black half leather half cloth/ suede ( im not sure what material it is ) interior. love the car , its got about 35 k miles on it and it has been treating me well.

ever since ive gotten a little extra money im looking to spend it on the car. i started off with a full polk audio system, and i am pretty sure its the best investment i will make for this car. it sounds so crisp and gets loud too. i also put some 8000k hids in as well.

im not the best car mechanic but ive always worked on things like dirtbikes and fourwheelers when i was a bit younger. rebuilding top ends and jus messing with stuff like that.

with my friend here in nebraska we recently make a cold air intake for the malibu. we used the spectre tubing ud find at an autozone and a 3 inch K&N filter. cars started off running poorly with that but slowly got better. i am also looking into tint and definately an exhaust system. there is also a place around here that does tuning so maybe i can go there and get it tuned up if i can find an exhaust for it.

well thats my story so far haha and im glad to be apart of the forum. thanks for all the help uve already given me and i wish u all the best
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Your seat covers are called UltraLux. It's a high-grade vinyl on the outsides and faux (false) suede on the seating portion. I had that in my '09 and it was just fine.

Using the Spectre tubing will simply make the air tube bigger. Your issues with it running badly is likely from that change and not the K&N you put on, especially if it's a 4-cyl. Search the threads on here for CAI and you'll find at least one guy who did that to his and took it back off due to the issues. If it's a V6 it might not affect it as much.

If you're using an oiled filter, K&N or any other, you run the risk of getting oil from it on your MAF. That can cause it to fail prematurely. That risk increases when it's time to clean and re-oil the filter, since most people use too much oil. And you know where it's gonna go, right?

Finding someone who can tune these cars will be a hassle. So far there are no known tunes available for this car, either the I4 or V6, and it doesn't look promising, either. When you talk to your tuner he'll probably tell you he can't do it. But if he can post that here so we'll all learn.

For your intake, if the cone filter is inside the engine compartment without a shield then you're sucking in hot air. The stock system gets cold air from behind the headlight.

There are some on here who are trying to find cat-back exhaust systems but having no joy, and others have just decided to take the factory single-in / dual-out muffler off and put on two single mufflers. Those that have done it like it.

Tint is great! Get it on!

HIDs are technically illegal since the housing isn't right for that kind of light emission. It scatters and blinds oncoming traffic. You need to get projector lenses (individually or in a kit) if you go that route or you just might get a lot of angry drivers. (You're a hockey player and you probably live to fight, eh?) You might consider instead getting the Sylvania Silver Star Ultra halogen bulbs or their Ice Blue ones. I got the Ultras and get more light out of them simply because they're rated at 4000K instead of the stock ones at ~2800K. (Actually the light is whiter, not more.)
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That list isn't clear to me, either. Contact them and find out. If they can do our 3.6's it would be the first we've heard of it, but we've also heard that at least one tuner mfr was/is moving toward making it available. Let us know what you find out, please!
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