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Noise when turning right, after replacing rear rotors

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Any idea is appreciated.

After I had my rear rotors replaced, I can hear a very obvious "noise" (like the sound made by scratching two pieces of metal) WHEN MAKING A RIGHT TURN. Otherwise the brake works well.
I went back to the auto repair garage, and the mechnics (after drove my car and replicated the noise again) told me that it is because "the dust shield is a little bent".
Is this explanation belieable? Or, any other possible reasons?

Any idea is appreciated. Thanks.
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Thanks for the information.
Called the auto repair, they still said it was due to a bent dust shield. Not yet had time to go to the shop.

But before changing the rotor, there was no such noise.
That makes sense.

The dust shields are thin aluminum - and it's easy to accidently bend one a small bit.

I have one on the Cougar that I bent just enough to make sound when doing the lower control arms on said Cougar ... that's on my list for this weekend.

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