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Ordered a 2022 Malibu 4 months ago here it is!

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The team that built it for me sent me pictures from the factory yesterday pretty excited to get it just wanted to share.

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Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

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I got the LT Midnight edition comes with Spoiler at dealership. Leather package as well. Pretty awesome just picked it up a few days ago
It looks amazing!

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Thank you!
Update: I absolutely love the car it's pretty amazing so far! The only complaint I have and it's a very small one coming from a 2017 LT there was little LED lights on both sides of the doors above the passenger glove box and in the back passenger doors on the side It kind of illuminated around the car and this doesn't have that unfortunately!
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Nice looking car, how do you like it and what trim did you get?

thinking of replacing the 2011
I definitely would if I were you I'd get either a 21 or 22 I got the LT midnight edition with the sport package and leather package I really do like it so far for sure If you want every nook and granny you can get a 20 or a 21 premiere for around 28K all the way up to 32K and then an Ltfor a 21 and 22 is between 25 and 31 right about now depending on what packages you get. By the way I actually had an 11 and it was great
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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