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Painted my calipers today...

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When I wash my car I always use wheel cleaner on the wheels. And apparently my brake calipers didn't like the Meguires wheel cleaner I used cause there was some kind of a reaction with the coating on the calipers and it created these black marks on the calipers and anyways they looked kinda nasty. Not that anyone comes up to my car and says " your calipers look like crap", but I notice. It has been like this since I bought the car and first started using wheel cleaner on it.

SO the other day I picked up a Dupli-Color Caliper paint kit and painted them today. I choose black, thought about red, but to me red calipers signify performance, and my car is defenitly not a performance car. I think they came out good, here are a few before and after pics.

Before Front

After Front

Before Rear

After Rear
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Looks good, one of the first mods I did to mine.
So those stickers won't burn off at several hundred degrees? Were they expensive?
I have had a set on my Camaro for about 7 years. Still look new. Just gotta keep them clean.
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