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Passenger FULL of full of water!!

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I heard a "sloshing" sound coming from the right rear footwell, inside the cabin. I took a look and found an inch of water in it!

I immediately checked the other footwells and found them dry.

I took the vehicle in after making an appointment. They kept the vehicle for three days (Tues- Thurs). They stated that the A/C evaporator was not sealed "properly" and that even thought we had not used the A/C for two weeks, that water comes in through the cowl (where air comes in, in front of the windshield, outside the car) and could be making the leak inside the cabin.

The told me they re-sealed the evaporator, (I had water spots all over the INSIDE of the windshield when I picked the car up!!??)

It has now been two weeks and the problem has returned in spades. The front passenger footwell is wet and the rear passenger footwell is FULL of water once again. It smells too.

What can I do? Where is the water coming from? I have NOT been through any standing water, floods etc.

One more item..........they asked me (when I made the appointment) if I had purchased the vehicle from their dealership (I did not). The dealership where I purchased the vehicle has closed its doors and is no longer in business.
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Did you guys get your leaks fixed??? If so what was the cause????
So they're still working on it, well keep us updated.
Yes, the problems may be related. If you have water in your floor pan it evaporates and then condensates on the relatively cold windshield (especially when you turn the vents to blow on the floor).
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