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Passenger FULL of full of water!!

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I heard a "sloshing" sound coming from the right rear footwell, inside the cabin. I took a look and found an inch of water in it!

I immediately checked the other footwells and found them dry.

I took the vehicle in after making an appointment. They kept the vehicle for three days (Tues- Thurs). They stated that the A/C evaporator was not sealed "properly" and that even thought we had not used the A/C for two weeks, that water comes in through the cowl (where air comes in, in front of the windshield, outside the car) and could be making the leak inside the cabin.

The told me they re-sealed the evaporator, (I had water spots all over the INSIDE of the windshield when I picked the car up!!??)

It has now been two weeks and the problem has returned in spades. The front passenger footwell is wet and the rear passenger footwell is FULL of water once again. It smells too.

What can I do? Where is the water coming from? I have NOT been through any standing water, floods etc.

One more item..........they asked me (when I made the appointment) if I had purchased the vehicle from their dealership (I did not). The dealership where I purchased the vehicle has closed its doors and is no longer in business.
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Great post and pictures wwall10383. Thank you
Special thanks and shout out to jjackd6. Your original post put me on the right course.
It's definitely the A/C! Our 2011 LTZ is now the victim of this terrible design flaw. Tons of water on rear passenger floorboard.

Off to tackle the problem tomorrow myself. Ridiculous that a known design flaw and issue isn't taken care of by GM!

Thanks to those that posted their DIY repairs!
If anyone else does a DIY on this please take a picture from under the vehicle so others can tell exactly where this tube is? Thx
On my 08' Malibu 4cyl, I had zero ability to see the AC drain tube from underneath. Here are a couple of pics from up top where you can see my vantage point. Look at the aluminum foil I used around the drain tube which is above the "C" in ECOTEC. I worked down in that area which you see is tight. I'm not sure what engine size or line of sight you have on yours. Hope this helps.


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Oh wow, it's really in there. Thanks for the pictures wwall!
Thanks everyone who has posted in this thread, it has made my understanding of the problem much more clear to be able to advise my GM dealer to help fix the same issue as wwall10383 (with the same moidel '08 lt ecotech red 4cyl). Will post update when I get response from dealer.
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