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Passenger Side window

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I have a 2015 Chevy Malibu LT. my passenger window won’t go down. I would push the button on both sides for it to go down all I hear is a click sounds. I wanna say the click is motor trying to take it down. I don’t know it’s something is stopping it or I need to replace something.
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I can't be much help here, but a quick search in this forum for "window won't roll down" reveals several posts of similar issues. Reviewing them may give you a direction to go in for the repair. From what I've read here, your window switches are in series (one breaks, they both break) and since both switches are behaving the same, i.e., clicking noise at the door, I'd be willing to guess it is something mechanical with the window assembly in the door. Possibly the actuator cable/belt is broken, hung up or jumped the track. Might be easiest if you just go to your local mechanic and have him/her pop the door panel and visually inspect the mechanism and operation of the window motor and actuator.
You may be just hearing the relay clicking for the motor. Check fuses first and may have to pull door panel off to check for power going to motor.
As mentioned by @kdefilip, the window switch is in series, so any issue with any switch will disable the whole circuit.

Since you're hearing stuff happen when you press the switch, I'd hazard a guess that the regulator or transmission needs attention. The regulator has a spring to neutralize the weight of the window so the motor just has to move it, and the transmission is where the motor uses a worm gear to turn a 'normal' gear, which results in a reduction of the gear ratio. The worm is usually metal and the gear is usually plastic, so it's possible that it has stripped out.

Both of those will require you to pull the panel and do some inspecting.
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