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Post your Aftermarket wheels here!

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I am seeing more and more of these vehicles on the road but I haven't seen many with aftermarket wheels just yet. I'm sure we're not the only ones that want to see whos riding in style so post your pictures here. :D
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:D Very Nice b4youreyes. Thanks for being the first to post!
Very Nice. :)
^ Very Nice :)
Re: Pictures of wheels on your Malibu

Giovana Ararat's would be awesome on there. I'd like to see that.

Try this for some pictures of others wheel wheels:
Nice work Goose2534. Your car looks great!
225/35-20 and 235/35-20 are approved sizes for the Malibu assuming the wheel dimensions are correct.
Size 245/35-20 is good height wise but is a little aggressive on the width. The max recommended width is 235. Some 245's will work depending on the brand. Tires are like shoes, some run larger while others run smaller in the same size. Which model did you purchase?
Falken's....I think you were the one who recommended them to me via PM.
Falken's run smaller tham most other models so you should be in good shape. I went back through our PM history and it looks like we recommended the 225's ;)
Ah, yes, Sorry I didn't see that one. There are two of us that message here. If you are going to run the 245's Falken is the way to go. Sounds like Travis made a good recommendation. Falken tires tend to run a little narrower than other tires so they should fit nice and tight. Post up some pictures when you get them bolted up. I'd love to see the final product.
1 - 10 of 41 Posts
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