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Potential Cost for 2005 Rear Bumper Replacement

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I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu LT. Sadly the tire exploded on the highway while i was literally on my way to get new tires. Unfortunately it tore apart much of my bumper in and around the wheel well. Its currently duck taped on as the bumper being torn at broke some clips. I assume the whole bumper would have to be replaced as its all one piece. Anyone have an idea of the cost? Thanks so much ?
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Since it's plastic, you might be able to devise a way to melt (aka weld) some additional material to the existing bumper and reattach it. Worst case is that you can't and you'll still need to replace it.

For another one, always start with the junk yards, even if they're quite a few miles away. They can ship it to your local yard and you can go there to pick it up. Or you can arrange other shipping.
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