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Power door lock issue solved

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I realise this isn't a Lumina forum, but I figure a '99 Lumina is not so different from a '98 Malibu and maybe this will help someone here.

My elderly M-I-L has a '99 Lumina that had problems with the power door locks. The switches on the doors wouldn't open them, neither would the keyfob. I think the driver's door would lock, but none of them would unlock...something like that.

Anyway, I traced the problem to a relay buried behind the glove box. When a door switch was actuated, the relay had voltage going in, but little or no voltage coming out. I replaced that relay and for $21.79+tax I now have a very happy mother-in-law. :D

I disassembled the old relay and found it was full of carbon dust and the contacts were all burnt and pitted, so even though it still "clicked" when actuated, it was bad.

I don't know if the Malibu uses the same relay, but I bet it does, so before you take your car to the dealer and empty your bank account, check that relay.


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I know that there are several members on this forum that are very mechanically include that could possibly provide you the information that you are seeking. They are awesome on this forum.

Another avenue that you could try, if you would like, is to put a call into the dealership and see what the techs have to say. There are some dealerships that will discuss things like this with a customer. I know that in my area there are a couple of dealerships that don’t mind discussing situations such as yours and providing additional information to owner’s such as yourself. I can’t guarantee anything but it is worth a try.

Michelle P., Chevrolet Customer Service
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