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Problem with the rear windows, blutooth, and radio controls

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I've only owned my Malibu for a few weeks now, and the first thing I can say about it is that I honestly do love it. The gas mileage is good, its roomy, and extremely quiet!

With all that said however, I have noticed a few problems with it. I bought my 09 used with 36k on it (the newest car I've ever owned), and accepted that since it was a used car there would be a few problems with it. So far, I have noticed three problems:

a) The second and third pre-set buttons on the radio do not work (push them and nothing happens).
b) The blutooth does not work (it will not pair, doesn't seem like there is any signal coming from the car).
c) Both back window controls are not working. I can control them on the drivers side, but on both back doors, both controls do not light up, or roll up/down the window.

The car used to be a rental car, so I'm thinking they disabled the blutooth somehow.

Anybody have any ideas what the problems could be? Remedies?

Thanks in advance,
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On my '09 the rear windows stopped working from the rear switches but I could roll them up/down from the front. I found a cold solder joint inside the master switch, resoldered it, and that cured it. It was a large solder joint near the bottom end (toward the rear of the car when installed), not one of the smaller ones. You may have the same issue.

I like Northern_Bu's suggestion on the radio buttons. Try manually tuning a new station that makes noise, press the button and hold it 'til the radio beeps and says Station Stored. If that doesn't do it then maybe one of the renters spilled Coke while driving the slalom at Bob Bondurant's course! ;)

Someone on here can tell you the RPO codes necessary to have Bluetooth and/or XM. The codes should be on a sticker inside the glove box.
No no no, not like that. The two buttons completely don't work. For example, if I tried to program a new station to preset # 2 or preset #3, it would not do anything because the buttons are not functioning at all. Presets 1, 4, 5, and 6 work fine though.

So there is a way to fix the bluetooth problem, unlike how another member mentioned the whole kits being deleted with fleet cars?
Dang. Sounds bad about the radio, man. If you're comfortable with disassembling things you might be able to discover the cause and fix it. If not then it's possibly time to replace it. Without those buttons working some of your menu items are also handicapped.

Bluetooth needs to have certain items installed in the car before you can activate it. If the RPO codes don't exist on your list then you don't have Bluetooth available in your car; likewise, if they're there their activation is a possiblilty but may take more parts and/or dealership programming (read: dollars) to make it work.

Elcompalalo is on track with your window issue as well. You could have compromised contacts, a cold solder joint, or a damaged/broken circuit (either the board or a wire). What helped me trace down my issue were the schematics. Here's a link to it. They are for the '08 models. When I bought them the only difference I could discover was the turn signal repeaters are missing on '09+ models.
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