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Let's get some terms straightened out so we're all speaking the same language. @JTR19 is on the right track. I'm just gonna say it a different way, but essentially say the same thing.

TPMS sensors are electronic devices that transmit the tire pressure to the car. The sensors cannot be adjusted or reset. Each one has a different ID that the car can read.

"Resetting the TPMS" tells the BCM where each tire is located so the DIC will have accurate info. When the tires are rotated, the sensors are in new locations. It's like when you move: you have to submit a change-of-address form to all of the accounts so that your mail can follow you.

It's not usually necessary to remove the tire from the rim. Instead, they can just break it free from one side and slide the tire's bead away from the edge of the rim, replace the sensor or its battery, then fill the tire back up and put it on the car.

Having hit the curb so hard that one tire was trashed and at least one rim is leaking air, it may take replacing a rim before the it will hold pressure without losing it faster than normal.

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I'm sorry, but no.
She hit a curb and damaged two of her tires. Now one of those wheels is reporting low pressure when she has verified that the tire has the correct pressure in it. That means that the TPMS sensor needs to be replaced.

What you are speaking of is if tires get rotated without resetting their positions in the BCM, then your DIC may tell you that you have low pressure in the rear DS tire, and when you check the pressure in all tires you find that the front PS tire is the one that is actually low. That is not the situation here.
i understood that the damages were already repaired which is why I responded with that suggestion by no way was I saying my post was the solution. Thanks for the correction.
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