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Well I tried searching on the forum for similar discussions already posted but after a dozen tries I couldn't find anything.

So, I disconnected my battery to clean the battery post. Had a lot of corrosion. When I reconnected it everything seems to work just fine except I don't see a clock when the radios turned off, and not clock or channel display when the radio's playing.

I've heard we must reset the clock, but none of the buttons that normally work with the clock will work. So how does one go about resetting the display?

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I know this is a bit of an old thread but I wanted to chime in simply because Saturday, my battery went ca-put. It had just enough life in it for everything to work decently but not enough to turn over the engine. The only issue that I Had though was that I had to reset the clock as it went to 12:00AM, but surprisingly everything else seemed intact...well, the equalizer reset to defaults as well. But all I had to do was push the little clock button and it brought up the clock and date changer. But this might be different if you have the 6-disc CD changer as the clock button is replaced with the load button.

And surprisingly, that battery was the original factory battery. It sure stuck it out well, especially over the cold winter we had.
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