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Radio Upgrade for 2016 Malibu

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Hello all! Pleasure to meet everyone!
I'm new here and have recently purchased a 2016 model Chevy Malibu LT with NAV and backup camera. I love the new car and love the features however I feel like I want a little more out of the stereo. I was thinking about buying a radio meant for a 2020 or newer LT model like mine with the NAV to do the Android and apple Auto.

I've seen on some forums the Vin is married to the radio but would this be something reletively simple to do as a plug and play with a newer model radio to my slightly older vehicle? Of so what steps do I need to take to get it properly working. I've done a radio install in the past to my previous car on multiple occasions so I do have moderate experience already and wanted to see if this was possible in the first place.

Thanks in advance to who replies
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What kind of features are you looking for? The 2016 LT radios do navigation, backup camera, Android Auto, CarPlay, Bluetooth, wifi, plays mp3, wma lossless... Is there a feature on the 2020 radio that the 2016 LT 7" or 8" MyLink lacks? Knowing what feature you are trying to get will help point to options.
The model I have has the super weird black interface with chrome accents everywhere on it that barely does Apple Carplay. I want something more equivalent to the newer models where you have maps, full functionality for xm radio and Spotify, things like that
Adding SXM won't happen. That requires the right module and programming plus the harness is different. You'd have to use the app or an addon tuner. Swapping the 2020 Chevy Infotainment 3 into a 2016 probably isn't going to work even with programming but I cant tell it's impossible since no one has done it.

I have never heard the description of the 2016 infotainment as all black with chrome. Can you take a picture of that and post it? I'm wondering which version it is.
That's the 8" MyLink in yours. The other screenshot looks like a newer one running CarPlay. Android Auto looks about the same now. Is yours not able to run CarPlay?
I have SXM with NAV and a backup camera. But the interface is just awful. I want to swap in with one of a newer model like it is in the second image. The car play as of now hasn't properly worked. Tried via Bluetooth and cable and keeps me on that infotainment style.. I have an S22 Ultra and a 13 Pro and it keeps on that black awful style
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This is what happens when I connect it in. It only pulls you in as usb and doesn't allow the option for the full Android Auto like the newer vehicles have. Also it only pulls from my local storage on the phone and not per app
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Yeah, that's not Android Auto. That's just playing music by USB off your phone. Did AA ever work on your MyLink? If not, it might have never gotten the update. The initial fews months of 2016 the 8" shipped with CarPlay but not Android Auto. Most got the update about 9 months later. If it has never worked, you might have one that never got the update. If it did, that's just an error. Android Auto and CarPlay work fine on the 8" MyLink and will look just like the screenshot you posted.
I don't see an option for a software update on my infotainment system. Will I have to go into a dealership for something like this?
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Update. So I got the actual car play to work but it only works with it plugged in and on projection mode. But it refuses to do it on the Android. So it looks like I do not have the update. And from the looks of it, it genuinely doesn't have an option for the actual upgrade so I may have to get the dealer to push that upgrade for me.. Unless there is another way for me to push the update myself
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You are right, dealer only for the update. It was a free update for a few years but probably isn't anymore. Good luck with things.
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