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Just had my 2008 Malibu with 35,900 mile in at dealer for squeaking issue when car goes over bumps in road at low speeds.
Sound comes from left rear tire area.
Tech checked some components but couldn't find anything. He lubed some bushings but still said he heard noise.
He needs to have car come back in and do somemore research to determine where noise is coming from.
Luckily it will be covered under warranty and I'll get a loaner car.
Has anyone had work done to their car in regards to this issue?
He will contact GM Tech support because no TSB has been issued for this rear noise problem.
I am not satisfied with the quality of parts being sourced by Chevy for this generation of Malibu.
I have had numerous other issues that were addressed due to poor quality components on this car.
I can't recommend this car anymore after all these issues.
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